Prosthetic Testing

ATS FoC provides prosthetic testing according to ASTM and ISO standards. A prosthesis is a medical implant designed to replace a missing body part after traumatic injury, degradation, surgical removal, or at birth. Prosthetic designs can differ significantly based on the patient’s needs. Some patients require temporary prosthetics, while others need prosthetics capable of maintaining mechanical integrity throughout long-term use.

The ATS FoC tests prosthetics for the spine, extremities, joints, and mouth, such as:

Why Do You Need to Test a Prosthetic?
The FDA heavily regulates which medical devices reach the market. To meet requirements for legal distribution, manufacturers hire third-party medical device testers such as the ATS FoC. A qualified third-party lab helps clients deliver their products to the market faster through efficient testing recognized by regulatory bodies. Our work helps ensure a prosthetic’s safe and reliable function.
In vitro testing subjects the prosthetic to isolated loads, stress, movements, and environmental factors resembling conditions in a body. We perform custom, non-standard, fatigue, and mechanical testing:
Standards-Based Prosthesis Testing

Our experts can design test methods to ASTM or ISO standards:

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About the ATS FoC

The ATS FoC is a nationwide network of consulting engineering, calibration, testing, and inspection firms. We operate multiple A2LA-accredited labs for medical device testing. Known for our high-quality customer service and thorough analysis, the ATS FoC helps clients make informed business decisions in a variety of industries. Our extensive capabilities enable us to meet our clients’ unique needs quickly and efficiently. In addition to testing in qualified labs, we can provide field services for many tests.

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