FTIR Analysis

FT IR Testing
Positively identifies polymers, organic compounds, and in some case inorganic materials
FT IR – The First Step in Material Evaluation

FT-IR is a very powerful tool that can positively identify polymers, organic compounds, and in some case inorganic materials.

FT-IR analysis generates unique combinations of absorption peaks reflecting energies absorbed by chemical bonds present in the material, acting as a finger print of the material. By comparing IR spectrum of unknown material with available IR spectra in IR libraries, an unknown material can be quickly identified. The results of FT-IR analysis lay the foundation for other material testing techniques.

Why Use FT-IR at ATS Labs

ATS's Nicolet 380 FT-IR is equipped with low pressure diamond anvil cell, which can handle solid or liquid samples in their natural state at very small sample sizes, such as a single fiber or a speck that is half a millimeter in size. In most cases, the FT-IR analysis performed at ATS is virtually non-destructive.

ATS has a team of very knowledgeable scientists working on variable FT-IR analysis projects every day. FT-IR analysis has been used for material identification, contamination analysis, purity assessment, cleanliness test, failure analysis, and other unique testing projects.

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