FTIR Analysis of Polymers

FTIR Analysis of Polymers

Applied Technical Services conducts FTIR analysis of polymers using Fourier-Transform Infrared analysis (FTIR) — a procedure that compares samples’ characteristic infrared emissions against our exhaustive reference library. ATS is ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform FTIR analysis of polymers to ASTM method E1252.

Identifying Polymers

ATS’ polymer testing lab offers FTIR analysis as a quick and effective identification method for characterizing client sample polymers. Whether for determining a material’s characteristics before entering production or analyzing that material’s shortcomings during failure analysis, ATS can analyze your sample by performing an FTIR analysis on a sample, which yields specific qualities that our chemists use to confirm its identity.

About the Method

ATS’ chemists perform FTIR analysis of polymers by subjecting test samples to infrared waves using an FTIR spectrometer. Each polymer displays distinct tendencies when exposed to infrared waves at a range of frequencies, absorbing some and transmitting some to an infrared detector in the machine. Our experts then compare those results to our expansive library of spectra readings given off by known polymers – matching the spectral data is assisted by a computer to guarantee accuracy.

ATS and FTIR Analysis of Polymers
For over five decades, ATS has supplied testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services of peerless quality to clients from a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on producing accurate findings within a quick turn-around window, whether we’re performing FTIR testing or a wide range of other chemical analysis methods. ATS accomplishes this by adhering to our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, which focuses our efforts on continually improving the quality of our customers’ experience.

If your company needs to identify or characterize a polymer for material qualification or failure analysis purposes, contact ATS today about our polymer testing capabilities (including FTIR analysis of polymers) — We take a closer look!

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