Debris from a front-end crash surrounds a black car. This debris is evidence for accident reconstruction engineering.

Accident Reconstruction Engineering

ATS performs accident reconstruction engineering services to establish the facts of an accident. We work with minor-impact, multi-vehicle, train and vehicle, and rollover accidents that involve passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.

Our accident reconstructionists collect data on the collision, then use powerful technology to determine the forces and causes of the accident. Finally, our experts can present our findings to clients and a jury in animated form.

Accident Data Collection

Accident reconstruction engineering relies on evidence, such as:

Pictures and scans of the scene are especially valuable, as they preserve details from the collision scene and environment, including:

Data Extraction

Imaging equipment also provides vital data about vehicles. For example, the Event Data Recorder (EDR) or “black box” stores imaged data about speed, acceleration, and braking within a 10-20 second frame around the crash.

An accident reconstructionist can also extract data from an infotainment system with a Berla tool. This data may include call logs, emails, SMS messages, and navigation history from a phone linked to a vehicle via USB or Bluetooth. The infotainment system can reveal if someone was using the phone at the time of the accident.

Vehicle Inspection

Our reconstructionist may recommend mechanical failure analysis to determine if mechanical failure caused the accident. An ATS mechanical engineer will inspect individual systems in the vehicle, such as:

Accident Reconstruction Tools

After collecting data, accident reconstruction engineers use innovative technology to calculate driver input and reaction times, stopping distances, speed, acceleration, and braking. We can present our animated conclusions to clients and a trial jury.


The VBOX Video HD2 uses real-time video to represent low-speed collisions. This tool simulates the circumstances recollected by the driver, which the accident reconstructionist compares to the crash data. It factors maximum speed, distance, movement, braking, and acceleration into the reconstruction. The VBOX helps support or dispute a driver’s statements.

3D Laser Scanner and Scene Reconstruction

The FARO 3D laser scanner quickly records indoor and outdoor environment data to preserve vehicle positions, measurements, distances, damages, and scene information. The scanner maps this data onto several million coordinates to create a photo-realistic replica. The replica can form the basis of a 3D animation of how the collision happened.

HVE 2D and 3D Accident Reconstruction Software

The HVE 2D and 3D accident reconstruction software uses physics to simulate the collision and how it would have caused injuries.

Reconstruction Experts

Our mechanical engineers who work on accident scenes are called accident reconstructionists. Many of our engineers hold ACTAR and ASE certifications in addition to state-issued professional engineering (P.E.) licenses.

Most states require the following achievements before an engineer receives a P.E. license:

Accident reconstructionists work with biomechanical engineers, mechanical engineers, and tire experts. Biomechanical engineers determine whether injuries reported from the crash match the force of impact and other factors.

These consultations provide valuable information for accident reconstruction engineering and expert witness testimony.

About ATS and Our Family of Companies

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Our family companies have impressive achievements and recognition. Regardless of which location you choose, we review your evidence in a trustworthy and state-of-the-art lab.

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