A tangle of frayed green, yellow, and red wires against a dark background during an electrical forensics investigation.

Electrical Forensics

Electrical forensics investigates the failure or interruption of electrical devices and electrical power, especially when personal injury or equipment damage occurs. ATS and our family of companies employ experienced professional engineers to perform electrical evaluations at your site after an incident.
Common electrical incidents include:
Clients may request forensic electrical evaluations before filing an insurance claim or during subrogation and litigation.
What Happens During a Forensic Electrical Evaluation?
A professional engineer performs forensic evaluations to discover the origin and cause of the damage, along with the party liable for the failure. The engineer checks for damage to systems and appliances related to the electrical failure and explores contributing factors. For instance, an ineffective lightning protection system can contribute to HVAC system failure after a lightning strike.
Frequent causes of electrical failure and damage include:
Our Electrical Inspections
ATS provides three main types of electrical evaluations:
Power surge evaluations establish the cause of a power surge that may have resulted in system failure or damage, such as a lightning strike or a utility company problem. A power surge can be especially damaging to smart homes due to the prevalence of electrical equipment and appliances inside and outside the home.
An electrocution or electrical shock evaluation determines the cause and effects of electrical shock on a person. Electrical shock can result from unsafe work practices, equipment failure, or violation of OSHA standards and safety regulations. Our engineers examine the contributing factors behind the injury, then take records for use in litigation or insurance claims.
Finally, our experts can evaluate your site for electrical code compliance. If they see areas of concern, our professional engineers will recommend repairs that meet the National Electrical Code. Our engineers also examine electrical work for compliance and safety levels.
Additional Services
Our professional engineers hold multiple certifications to provide additional investigations related to electrical failures, including:
About ATS and Family Companies
ATS provides consulting and testing services in engineering, calibration, and inspections. As a leading consulting firm in the U.S., we strive to provide our clients with the best customer service possible through highly educated professionals who perform timely evaluations and analyses with comprehensive data for repair planning, insurance proceedings, and trials. Our national family of companies allows for a multidisciplinary approach to building and infrastructure design, inspection, and repair.
Our Capabilities
We work to acquire new accreditations and certifications as measurable signs of our dedication to safety and innovation. To provide the best service to our clients, we hire licensed professionals for on-site evaluations and laboratory testing in our A2LA accredited labs. For more information about our accreditations, click here.
Our experts follow industry guidance and best practices to ensure that your site’s appliances and systems adhere to NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) and OSHA standards.
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