Lap Shear Testing

Applied Technical Services offers lap shear testing services that evaluate the strength of adhesives on various materials. During the procedure, experts apply force to the sample until the adhesive fails to further analyze the adhesive qualities of various samples. Lap shear tests are simple and inexpensive procedures that help with the following:

Applied Technical Services' Lap Shear Testing
Our shear testing services determine the shear strength of various materials, including:
We offer numerous lap shear testing services per multiple ASTM, ISO, and NASM standards, including the following:
ASTM D1002
ASTM D1002 determines an adhesive’s strength on common metal substrates such as aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. During the procedure, technicians apply an adhesive to two metal plates and use force until the plates separate. The standard is ideal for those seeking to compare different adhesive types or varying degrees of performance within one adhesive.

ASTM D3163

The ASTM D3163 standard complements the D1002 test method and extends the scope of the application to plastic materials. ASTM D3163 offers a comparative analysis of specimens with plastic joints.

ASTM D5868

Much like ASTM D3163, ASTM D5868 complements the ASTM D1002 standard. However, ASTM D5868 is a test method made specifically for fiber-reinforced plastics instead of standard plastics. 

About Our Mechanical Testing Services
Our A2LA-accredited mechanical testing lab features state-of-the-art technology capable of conducting complex mechanical tests on various materials. We employ professionals with extensive experience in mechanical testing and related fields to ensure that we meet our client’s needs. Our staff communicates with clients throughout the service process and provides accurate and easy-to-read reports that detail our findings. We personalize our services to meet our client’s specific needs while offering services that comply with common test standards. We offer numerous mechanical testing services, including:
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