Inside a warehouse on fire. The flames and smoke glow orange in the distance. Ash covers the ground.

Fire Investigation Companies

Fire investigation companies such as ATS send licensed professionals to investigate a fire scene for evidence that points to the fire’s cause and origin. Throughout this process, investigators collect and store evidence and keep thorough documentation.

Our investigators collaborate with emergency service providers, police departments, adjusters, attorneys, manufacturers, and building or property owners to uncover the truth of the fire and to promote the future safety and wellbeing of our clients.
Structural Fires
All fires have an item or place of origin and a cause of ignition. During a structural fire investigation, our experts first survey the site for evidence of the fire’s origin. During this stage of the investigation, we take samples of the debris for laboratory analysis.

When a fire scene needs to be cleared, ATS can preserve evidence for further examination or use in court proceedings. In the event of a large fire scene or one in a heavily trafficked area at risk of contamination, we utilize cutting-edge technology to document the site’s original condition. Our FARO 3D laser scanner creates a 3D image of the scene for further analysis when the situation requires so. The scanner maps millions of coordinates on-site to render a 3D replica of the scene that preserves potential evidence.

During an investigation, our fire investigators review witness accounts, fire marshal reports, and other relevant documentation.
Next, the investigator determines the cause of the fire. An accidental fire in a residential or commercial property can have the following causes:
Intentional fires can be incendiary fires or arson. An intentional fire is known as an incendiary fire, while arson refers to a fire intended to cause property damage or bodily harm.

After our experts determine the origin and cause of the fire, they can provide testimony and evidence in judicial and insurance proceedings as needed.

Automotive & Equipment Fires

Our investigation services also apply to automotive and equipment fires. Common causes of vehicular fires include:

We collect fluid samples, particularly gasoline, and test for accelerants. Additionally, we examine the vehicle for previous mechanical damage unrelated to the fire to construct a timeline of events related to the incident.
Additional Services
Structural, automotive, and equipment fires may require additional ATS services, including:
About ATS & Family Companies

ATS provides consulting engineering, testing, inspection, and calibration services to a wide array of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and automotive businesses. Our A2LA-certified labs perform calibration, chemical, mechanical, and nondestructive testing, among other services.

Our nationwide family of companies promotes the safety of our customers by hiring qualified and highly trained professionals. To perform a fire damage evaluation, our professional engineers (P.E.s) must hold Professional Engineering Licenses and be certified fire investigators.

Many of our engineers belong to professional organizations devoted to cutting-edge research, technology, and training, such as the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
Quality Assurance
During an investigation, our experts follow best practices standardized by official organizations, particularly the NFPA. We provide prompt inspections and thorough reports at a reasonable price.
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