Importance of Secured Evidence Storage

Here at Applied Technical Services, we believe that the collection, storage, and preservation of physical evidence is one of the most important parts of the litigation process. Everyone knows that compromised evidence is worthless in court, making the case vulnerable to cross-examination with a potential for an undesirable outcome. Before it is submitted to a jury or to a judge, the evidence will spend a good amount of time in a secured storage (hopefully), and as we all know, it is during this stage that the evidence may get compromised.

All evidence is not the same, requiring different storage needs, that coupled with the absence of security measures against insensitive, uncaring handling or even malicious tampering is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Likewise, specific procedures must be taken into consideration for biological evidence, and the vulnerability for contamination relating to temperature, humidity or many other conditions. Because of the usual lengthy litigation process, temporary secured evidence storage locations should be able to deliver such elementary protections, and be able to preserve the evidence unharmed. Applied Technical Services, LLC offers appropriate evidence storage solutions for most needs in addition to their regular forensic services.

Our Security Measures

Applied Technical Services, LLC has the ability to secure evidence in a storage area that is only accessible to select, qualified personnel. With over 8,100 sqft of secured evidence storage space and with the ability to acquire more space if needed, the area is large enough to fit several vehicles simultaneously, boats and even small planes with the ability to contain them during the prolonged litigation process. Additionally, the secured storage area is under surveillance 24/7 with camera supervision. Various personnel authentication obstructions lie between our secured storage area and the public, with prohibited entrance to all non-credentialed personnel including ATS employees. Whether the evidence is small or big, our secured evidence storage capacity can accommodate your needs.

Climate Controlled Evidence Storage

ATS has multiple components capable of containing many evidence pieces. Our ability to store evidence that may need more critical conservation requirements, such as a biological sample, makes Applied Technical Services the benchmark for a secured evidence storage facility. Our advanced equipment can simulate a dry or moist environment that is required, or when a temperature range is needed for better safekeeping of a sample.

ATS and Evidence Storage

For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has delivered first-class services in engineering, consulting, testing and inspections to clients from an assortment of industries. If your case depends on uncompromised evidence, let us provide appropriate evidence storage solutions to suit your needs; we can help make sure the integrity of your evidence remains unquestionable.

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