An accident reconstruction of a multi-vehicle crash, including a red motorcycle, a white van, and two red cars. Debris in the foreground.

Accident Reconstruction Services

ATS’ accident reconstruction services allow professional engineers called accident reconstructionists to determine the cause of a traffic collision or vehicle malfunction. The research from these proceedings forms the basis of insurance claims and expert witness testimony.

We work with commercial and passenger vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles in the following types of collisions:

Accident Reconstruction Data
To reach an accurate conclusion, we use multiple data sources for the following information:
Our experts examine the scene of the collision for physical evidence, such as tire marks on the road or scratches on the cars. We can use the FARO 3D laser scanner to preserve a model of the accident scene that encompasses the location and condition of the physical evidence for later inspection.
After the scene is cleared, we can analyze photographs of the accident scene and vehicles for information about the roadway conditions, vehicle positions, and other traces of visual evidence. Our experts perform photogrammetry and video analysis to estimate the size and location of the vehicles before, during, and after the crash.
Black Box Data
Most vehicle manufacturers that equip cars with an Event Data Recorder (EDR) meet the 49 CFR Part 563 standard that requires easily accessible crash data. The EDR or Electronic Control Modules (ECM), also known as the “black box,” stores crash data on vehicle speed, acceleration, and braking in a 10- to 20-second timeframe surrounding the accident.
We also glean data from imaging and safety equipment, such as:
Infotainment systems are phones connected to a vehicle via Bluetooth or USB. Using a Berla tool, we can access infotainment system data, such as the SMS messages, call logs, emails, and navigation history of a driver’s phone around the time of the crash.
Accident Reconstruction Animation
We use our research to form a timeline of events that accounts for vehicle system data, photographic evidence, and infotainment records. From there, we create an animation that compares our findings with the evidence and witness reports.
VBOX Video HD2 provides real-time reconstruction based on vehicular speed, movement, and distance. Data from the FARO 3D laser scanner also provides a starting point for an animation of the roadway conditions. Accident reconstruction animation is a useful tool for court presentations.
Expert Witness Testimony
Our accident reconstruction services span from the accident scene inspection to courtroom testimony, where we can present our accident reconstruction animation as evidence.
Our accident reconstructionists and biomechanical engineers are qualified to testify as expert witnesses. Biomechanical engineers identify how the body reacts to forces in a collision that cause injury. The biomechanical engineer can determine whether injuries attributed to the accident are physically possible given the vehicle’s speed, positioning, and angle of impact.
Our Additional Services
Our clients may require multiple services following an accident. We support our clients with additional services as needed:
We can also perform special investigations into airbag fraud, component damage, and vandalism.
About ATS & Family of Companies
ATS is a consulting engineering firm based in Atlanta. We provide consultation and testing services in engineering, calibrations, and inspections. Our family of companies works together to provide a range of inspections and tests across the nation. We respond with prompt service and detailed analysis. Many of our accident reconstructionists are mechanical engineers with ACTAR certification.
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