A certified arson investigator samples trace evidence on a burned vehicle.

Certified Arson Investigator

A certified arson investigator analyzes a fire scene for indicators of the origin, cause, and perpetrator of an incendiary fire. Drawing on their education and training, ATS’ certified investigators can offer the insight needed to prove that arson occurred and how it was possible. Our experts inspect arson cases for commercial and residential structures, along with several types of vehicles.

A certified arson investigator has the credibility and knowledge of fire physics, fire patterns, investigation methodology, arson motivations, and arson indicators. Many of our investigators hold:
Evidence Collection and Storage

ATS’ arson investigators can inspect a fire scene after the fire is extinguished. They will take photos and scans of the site, record their observations, and make visual inspections when possible. During an arson investigation, a forensic investigator looks for clues that indicate a planned and intentional fire. Common signs of arson include the following:

Next, arson investigators take samples for forensic laboratory testing. These samples include ash, soot, accelerant liquids, chemicals, and other materials that may reveal information about the crime. We can store evidence in a secured and climate-controlled location during the investigation and subsequent proceedings.

Origin and Cause Investigations

ATS provides origin and cause investigations to uncover the arsonist’s means for starting the fire. To learn more about the location of the fire and anyone potentially involved, a certified arson investigator can conduct interviews with fire witnesses and people involved with the location. Witness observations of a fire may generate leads on people spotted at the crime scene and people who would benefit from the fire, such as through insurance fraud.

Arson investigators can implement destructive and nondestructive tests on the samples collected during the fire scene inspection to identify the point of origin and cause of the fire. For instance, we can perform chemical analysis to identify accelerants, such as gasoline or polyurethane, used to destroy evidence and expedite the burn. We also use nondestructive x-ray testing to find evidence concealed in melted debris.

ATS approaches cases from a multi-disciplinary perspective until our certified arson investigator defensibly concludes the origin and cause of the fire. Finally, ATS will turn the investigation over to law enforcement authorities to pursue suspects, insurance, and legal actions.

Expert Witness and Claims Support

ATS knows the power of clear and detailed documentation of evidence, testing, and analysis. Our investigators’ records provide valuable support for insurance claims and legal trials. Experts certified in court testimony can serve as impartial and professional expert witnesses in a trial.

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