A certified fire investigator takes a sample from a charred window grille.

Certified Fire Investigator

A certified fire investigator brings the latest research and techniques to cause and origin investigations after a natural, accidental, or intentional fire. A testing and inspection company, ATS employs professional engineers and experienced technicians for forensic services. Many of our investigators hold certifications from professional organizations, such as NAFI and IAAI. Common certifications include:
ATS can analyze structural, equipment, and vehicle fires for probable cause and fire origin.
ATS Fire Investigations
The hours after a fire are a critical period for a forensic investigation. Our investigators can promptly section off the fire scene from contamination. Next, our forensic fire investigators study the scene, taking pictures and 3D laser scan when necessary to preserve the layout of the site and potential evidence for future inspection.
If arson is suspected, we can efficiently identify the presence of accelerants with our canine units. When our certified fire investigators discover materials of note, they can closely inspect the potential evidence on-site and in one of our forensic laboratories. Investigators will look for key evidence, such as:

We can also conduct or refer to witness interviews and reports to learn more about the structure or machine’s maintenance and construction history, fire circumstances, and contributing factors.

Our detailed methods allow investigators to conclude the most likely cause of the fire. We frequently attribute fires to the following circumstances:
After completing an origin and cause investigation, our certified fire investigators will turn over their findings for insurance claims, expert witness testimony, and law enforcement proceedings.

ATS also offers services relevant to fire investigations and cleanup, such as:

About ATS and Our Family of Companies
ATS provides consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services to clients nationwide. Since our founding in 1967, we have gained a reputation for high-quality service, detailed analysis, and prompt responses from our experts. As we continue to expand our family of companies, we maintain our vision of industry leadership and service excellence.
We operate state-of-the-art labs certified by industry leaders such as NADCAP and A2LA. Our labs regularly perform services of the following disciplines to provide our clients with the best quality results available:
During a fire investigation, ATS technicians can use our powerful equipment to test samples and debris from the fire scene. We can perform chemical analysis and gas chromatography, among other forensic tests. For more information on our forensic capabilities, click here.
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