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Electrical Forensic Analysis

ATS’ licensed professional engineers can perform electrical forensic analysis to determine the source of electrical faults, equipment failure, electrical fires, and other electrical incidents. Clients may request our electrical analysis services:

An electrical failure can take multiple forms, from a single outlet tripping to industrial power system failure. Reduced electrical performance, unreliable service, and power outages can lead to critical failures in machinery, slowed production, and life-threatening electric shock.

ATS offers three major electrical forensic analysis services: power surge evaluation, code compliance evaluation, and electrocution and electric shock evaluation.

Power Surge Evaluation
A power surge occurs when an electric current exceeds the expected amount, resulting in equipment and circuit damage, reduced performance, and service interruption. It can happen from electrical overload, faulty wiring, lightning strikes, and other sudden influxes of electric current.
During a power surge evaluation, we inspect the equipment damaged during the surge and determine the cause of the surge. We also cover Smart Homes, which are more vulnerable to electrical failures due to the heavy reliance on electrical power for operation.
Code Compliance Evaluation

ATS can also inspect existing electrical work for compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and other related regulations. Some relevant electrical standards include:

We can provide insight on repairing electrical work to meet NEC standards. For instance, NEC 2020 requires surge protection for residential dwellings. If electrical work does not meet NEC standards, future maintenance workers and operators are in extreme danger of electrocution.

Electrocution and Shock Evaluation
Electric currents can critically injure people through electric shock. Electric shock can result in internal organ damage, nerve damage, internal bleeding, muscle contractions, and death (electrocution). Electricity can also harm people through burns if arc flashing or fire occurs, and through falls when their muscles contract or a person loses balance.

Electrocution and electric shock can result from:

ATS will investigate the conditions and causes of electric shock injuries and electrocution. During an electrocution and shock evaluation, ATS inspects the design, installation, and use of the tool or appliance involved in the electrical failure. We also look for contributing factors, such as overloading or a damp environment.

Clients may use the results of ATS analyses for claims and legal proceedings that prove the liable party.
About ATS and Our Family of Companies
ATS and our family of companies serve a variety of industries nationwide. Our main pillars of service cover consulting engineering, calibrations, tests, and inspections. Our A2LA-accredited labs are capable of fact-finding mechanical, chemical, electrical, and nondestructive tests performed by educated and experienced engineers, technicians, and scientists.

Since our founding in 1967, we have built a reputation for high-quality service from trusted professionals. Our detailed analysis and quick turnaround times empower our customers to make informed decisions.

We promote a work culture of safety and excellence. As such, many professional engineers responsible for electrical forensic analysis hold licenses from states that require the following:

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