Accident Reconstruction Expert Viewing a 3D Animation of An Accident

Accident Reconstruction Animation

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies provides accident reconstruction animation while performing accident reconstruction services.
Accident Reconstruction Animation
Accident reconstruction animation constructs a computerized simulation showing the exact sequence of events before, during, and after an accident.
The Importance of Accident Reconstruction Animation
An accident reconstruction animation is an essential tool in accident investigation and litigation. It displays an accident from various angles and perspectives, allowing accident reconstruction experts to strengthen their expert witness testimonies in courtroom trials.
Accident Reconstruction Animation at ATS
We use the information from the accident scene to form a timeline of events accounting for vehicle system data, photogenic evidence, and infotainment records. We construct animations that compare our professional findings to the evidence of a case, including eyewitness reports.
3D FARO Laser Scanner
We use 3D laser technology from our FARO Scanner to obtain measurements, distance, vehicle position, damage including undercarriage, and scene/roadway surface information. These measurements help our experts create a model of the roadway surface to demonstrate its role in the case.
VBOX Video HD2
We utilize VBOX Video HD2 to create real-time videos concerning low-speed collisions, simulating the events of the driver and comparing them with the crash data. The tool factors maximum speed, acceleration, braking, movement, and distance into the accident reconstruction to support or dispute the driver’s statement.
HVE 2D and 3D Accident Reconstruction Software
Our experts use HVE 2D and 3D accident reconstruction software to recreate a collision in order to determine the cause of injuries.
Quality Assurance
The ATS Family of Companies provides accident reconstruction animation services to supply clients with quality, unbiased reports, which include conclusive findings, repair recommendations, photographs, and diagrams.
We form our opinions based on the facts of each case, and we complete our work following the rules and regulations of the engineering boards in every state. Our accident reconstruction experts are ACTAR-certified and court-qualified.
Forensic Services at ATS
The ATS Family of Companies is a premier forensic testing service provider. We offer a wide range of forensic services in our highly advanced forensic laboratory, which features a secure 20,000 sq/ft laboratory.
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