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Elevator Inspections

ATS knows elevator inspections should discretely empower vertical transportation in residential and commercial buildings. From multi-level office complexes to wheelchair-accessible residences, elevators and escalators enable safe and rapid movement. However, it can be easy to overlook the labor and precision required to maintain their performance.

Building owners may desire elevator inspections for regular upkeep, after damage is found, or after an accident occurs. Regular elevator inspections offer the following benefits:

Elevator Damage Inspection

ATS can send an ASME-trained inspector for regular inspections, when performance decreases, or after an injury occurs. We can identify damages to an elevator or escalator and determine whether these damages require repairs or component replacement. An inspector can also ascertain the cause of the damage, such as:

We can review contractor bids and explore alternative repair options with the building owner, ensuring their safety and code compliance.

Elevator Injury Investigation

Some states require elevator inspections after an injury or death has occurred. A malfunctioning elevator or escalator may cause a sudden stop or acceleration that throws occupants off-balance. Alternatively, the machine may become stuck or experience downtime.

People risk serious injury due to an elevator or escalator mishap when they slip and fall, an item of clothing snags on the machine, their limbs are caught between closing elevator doors, or they fall through an elevator shaft. Maintenance workers are especially vulnerable to injuries if an elevator or escalator is not properly de-energized or locked out before removal.

A third-party inspection company such as ATS can send a certified inspector to:

During an injury investigation, an ATS representative may take fluid or electrical circuit samples for laboratory testing. The inspector may also perform on-site tests to identify contributing factors to the injury, such as:

Elevator Pressurization

An ATS engineer can measure elevator pressurization according to the relevant building codes. The proper elevator pressurization adds another layer of protection during a fire. Fires, hot gasses, and smoke can spread quickly through an elevator shaft, endangering elevator occupants. If an elevator loses power during a fire or storm, the car may stall between floors.

For smooth and safe operation, the elevator controls must maintain the proper pressurization levels. We recommend that building owners request elevator pressurization tests during renovations, after an accident, or as part of a regularly scheduled inspection.

Code Compliance & Repair Design

A building owner who does not comply with regulations may receive citations and owe hundreds to thousands of dollars in civil penalties. ATS can compare the elevator or escalator to building code standards such as:

If an elevator does not meet current standards, building owners may need to install fire-rated doors or hire a contractor to repair or upgrade the elevator pressurization system and other significant components. Sometimes, the entire building must undergo enhancements to meet the current code requirements. An elevator inspector from ATS can assist in designing the repairs or renovations and support the building owner’s selection of a contractor to install these changes.

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