An exploded battery in a Bluetooth speaker under a forensic fire and explosion investigation.

Forensic Fire and Explosion Investigators

ATS’ forensic fire and explosion investigators expose the origin and cause of a fire or explosion through a close examination of evidence. Our state-of-the-art labs empower our investigators to dig deep into the debris for clues. We explain our scientific findings in unbiased and defendable reports that may be used in a court of law.
Our investigators provide services for residential and commercial properties. A recent NFPA report estimates the U.S. sees an average of 1,450 warehouse structural fires a year, costing roughly $283 million in property damage and resulting in an average of two deaths and sixteen injuries per year. ATS helps determine the source of such fires by offering thorough investigations. Our experts can determine the origin and the underlying cause of a fire or explosion.
The most common causes of fires and explosions are:
Fire and Explosion Investigation
When forensic fire and explosion investigators arrive at a fire scene, they sweep the area for evidence of the fire’s origin. They draw on professional training and experience to recognize fire patterns and trace the course of the fire or explosion.
Throughout the investigation, our forensic investigators may refer to photographs, witness testimonies, and emergency service reports for additional information about the fire or explosion. This information forms a basis for a timeline of events.
ATS has developed a network of consultants to assist in fire and explosion investigations. Our acceleration detection canines sniff out traces of accelerants involved in a fire or explosion. Furthermore, ATS’ mechanical engineers can inspect heavy equipment and vehicles for component damage, and our structural engineers can perform forensic structural analysis of buildings damaged in a fire or explosion.
Lab Testing and Reports
Additionally, our A2LA-accredited labs allow us to test debris, liquid samples, and small appliances for trace evidence. We use powerful technology, such as the FARO 3D laser scanner, to preserve evidence and the layout of the fire scene. Microscopy and x-ray scans uncover concealed and melted materials. Our labs are certified to perform material, chemical, mechanical, and electrical testing and analysis.
ATS supports clients with conclusive reports that are defensible in court. Our court-certified forensic fire and explosion investigators can provide expert witness testimony drawing on photographs, laser scan recreations, and investigation reports. In the meantime, we can store evidence related to the investigation at a secure facility.
About ATS and Our Family of Companies
Founded in 1967, ATS reaches clients nationwide and collaborates with a growing family of companies to further support our clients’ interests. We assist clients in many industries, including nuclear power, chemical testing, and manufacturing. Our quick turnaround rates and comprehensive reports enable clients to make informed decisions.
Our fire experts are licensed professional engineers (P.E.), many of whom belong to professional forensic and fire investigation organizations, including:
In particular, the NFPA sets a benchmark for fire and explosion investigations with the industry standards NFPA 1033 and NFPA 921.

We encourage our engineers to complete certification programs for fire and explosions (CFEI), fire (CFI), and vehicular fires (CVFI). Certified investigators offer a trained eye for forensic evidence analysis and the expertise needed for dependable expert witness testimony.

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