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ISO 10993 Testing Lab

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies features a highly advanced ISO 10993 testing lab that performs comprehensive biocompatibility analysis for medical devices.
Our ISO 10993 testing lab is a specialized chemical analysis facility equipped to conduct extensive biocompatibility testing in accordance with ISO 10993 testing standards. Like all ATS laboratories, this facility is dedicated to reliable, precise testing and analysis procedures to help clients ensure their sample or product is safe, effective, and compliance with regulatory requirements. ISO 10993 testing standards outline the details and methods of performing biological evaluation and analysis for medical devices. These standards assess the potential risks medical devices can pose to the human body to ensure the highest level of safety through a medical device’s full lifecycle, including sensitization, cytotoxicity, irritation, genotoxicity, and systemic toxicity. These comprehensive testing protocols help manufacturers identify potential hazards at every stage in the development process, leading to the production of safe, dependable products.
ISO 10993 Biocompatibility Testing at ATS
The ISO 10993 testing process evaluates material composition, manufacturing processes, and clinical application. As medical devices are meant to improve quality of life and even assist in vital biological functions, safety is of the utmost importance. Biocompatibility testing must always be performed in a certified laboratory to ensure device effectiveness and patient safety.
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With advanced laboratories that house cutting-edge equipment and technology, the Applied Technical Services Chemistry Department offers an impressive list of chemistry services performed by industry-leading experts. Some of our most popular chemical analysis services include:
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