ASTM F1160 Shear and Bending Fatigue of Coatings

The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) follows ASTM F1160 to uncover the adhesive and cohesive properties of medical device coatings. Using shear and bending fatigue tests, we can help manufacturers determine the efficacy of a product’s design with quantitative results and thorough analysis.
What is ASTM F1160?
The ASTM F1160 standard recommends tests that determine failure modes and limits of coatings, their adhesive bonding agents, and metallic substrates. The standard covers shear and bend fatigue tests on coatings made from the following materials:

The coating on a medical device provides added protection and other beneficial properties to an implant’s surface. In vivo, the coating must adhere to the metallic substrate surface and withstand shear, bending, and loading forces without failure.

Rigorous Medical Device Testing
The ATS FoC offers precise testing in a controlled environment. Our ISO/IEC 17025-certified labs house sophisticated and powerful equipment for standards-based and customized testing:

We test until failure or 10,000,000 cycles, anticipating a lifetime of use.

Shear and Bend Test Outcomes

Shear and bend fatigue testing determine the coating’s adhesive or cohesive properties. Bend fatigue testing also provides information on the effects of the coating on the metallic substrate.

Clients can use ASTM F1160 testing to inform their next steps, such as product redesign or submitting the product to the FDA for in vivo testing approval. Shear and bend fatigue tests help clients evaluate how different materials, shapes, stresses, and surface conditions impact the efficacy of the coating.

Medical Device Testing with the ATS FoC
With several medical device testing labs staffed by expert technicians nationwide, the ATS FoC lends its decades of experience and expertise to manufacturers and other interested parties. We are A2LA-accredited to perform a range of ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations and tests. Known for high-quality customer service and a quick turnaround rate, the ATS FoC can deliver precise and reliable testing, so clients reach the market faster.
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