Storm Structural Evaluations Engineering

storm structural evaluations engineering
Structural Engineering & Structural Integrity Analysis

Recent winter storms have severely impacted the eastern U.S. The storms have caused downed trees and power lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of people and business’ without power as emergency crews work diligently to restore service. Ice and snow, along with wind and freezing temperatures caused damage to bridges, water supply lines, electrical grids, telecommunications, residential and commercial building structures, such as roofs, decks and foundations. Storm structural evaluations engineering assesses damage caused by inclement weather.

Applied Technical Services is ready to assist in evaluating property damage throughout the affected areas. Please call 1-800-888-5227 to request structural engineering services.

Storm Damage Structural Evaluations:
  • Property Damage Assessments
  • Roof Damage Determinations
  • Snow, Wind and Hail Damage Assessments
  • Structural Integrity Analysis
  • Scope of Damage Determinations
Common Inspections and Repairs:
  • Damage Assessment for Insurance Negotiations
  • Roof Failures
  • Structural Wall Failures (Steel, Masonry, Brick Cracking)
  • Retaining Wall Failures
  • Partial Collapse Evaluations
  • Foundation Failures
  • Parking Deck Failures
  • Floor Loading Evaluations
  • Bracing Relocation and Modifications
  • Rigging Designs and Evaluations
  • Excessive Floor Vibrations
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections and Surveys
  • Framing, Connections, and Support Design for New Machinery and HVAC Equipment

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