A forensic specialist focuses a camera to photograph evidence.

Forensic Specialist Capabilities

A forensic specialist from ATS can assess a structure or heavy equipment after a potential crime, natural disaster, or critical failure has occurred. Our certified professional engineers often specialize in the following investigations:

What Can an ATS Forensic Specialist Do?

Property and Heavy Equipment Inspections

A forensic specialist typically begins an investigation with a visual inspection of the scene, during which they record their observations of evidence location, position, and significance. To preserve the layout of the debris before the site is cleared or contaminated, a specialist may take photographs or scans of the scene.

An investigator may take a closer look at potential evidence on-site with field equipment such as a moisture meter or infrared camera, a megohmmeter, an inspection robot, or a 3D laser scanner.

Laboratory Testing

The investigator may also collect evidence for forensic testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Our expert technicians regularly take on clients who require the following:

Additional Services

Depending on the situation, we may provide an accident reconstruction for insurance and court evidence. After collecting evidence during an inspection and performing forensic tests, we record our conclusions in a comprehensive and defensible analysis. Additionally, our staff includes court-certified engineers who can provide reliable expert witness testimony before a jury.

Beyond providing a simple forensic investigation, we can support clients with:

About Our Forensic Specialists

Our forensic specialists who provide expert witness testimony and perform property inspections must hold a Professional Engineering license (P.E.). To be eligible for this license, engineers must hold a 4-year degree in Engineering, receive a license from their state’s engineering board, complete rigorous competency exams, and complete at least four years of work experience under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.

Many of our forensic specialists hold additional certifications from major organizations that spearhead the latest research on forensics, such as:

Many of our experts have earned certifications in premiere research and procedures, including:

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