A forensic tire expert inspects the grooves of a tire from a vehicle accident.

Forensic Tire Expert

After a vehicular accident, a forensic tire expert can investigate the role of tire failure in the crash. ATS’ forensic tire experts study tires and related components for the proximate cause of tire failure. Our clients trust us to deliver detailed and accurate information for claims and court proceedings.

Forensic Tire Failure Analysis

Document Review

Throughout the case, our forensic experts will refer to documents on the accident and the tire failure. These documents include photographs, testimonies, and police reports. If the tire is unavailable, an expert may perform an extensive document review to determine the reason for the tire failure.

Some of the reasons tires fail include:

Manufacturing Defect

A tire with a manufacturing defect is dangerous to all drivers and passengers on the road. An ill-adjusted or suboptimal tire can blow out, wresting control of the vehicle away from the driver and causing a collision. Most drivers cannot identify manufacturing defects as well as tire experts do. They can, however, be sued for an accident resulting from a manufacturing defect.

Some examples of manufacturing defects are:
A forensic tire expert assesses the evidence with a trained eye. Our engineers often have experience in tire manufacturing, so they recognize subtle indicators of manufacturing defects.

Lab Equipment and Testing

If a visual inspection is not enough, forensic tire experts can turn to specialized equipment for a closer look. An x-ray machine allows nondestructive testing of the failed tire or companion tires from the vehicle. The scan reveals information about the tire’s construction. In cases of vehicular fire, x-rays uncover evidence hidden in the melted debris.

To confirm a manufacturing defect, our forensic tire expert can subrogate the manufacturer for tires of the same make produced in the same factory during the same week. These tires provide a point of comparison with the tire from the crashed vehicle.

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Expert Witness

An expert witness plays a decisive role in a jury’s ruling. While accident reconstructionists and mechanical engineers understand the overall accident, a forensic tire expert can provide specific and convincing evidence for the true cause of the tire failure. Our court-qualified experts can successfully communicate their knowledge of tire manufacturing and damages to the jury in a testimony that holds up to scrutiny and fends off Daubert challenges.

ATS Forensic Tire Experts

ATS employs forensic tire experts with professional engineering (P.E.) licenses and years of experience with tire inspections and manufacturing for an informed opinion.

Our tire experts collaborate with accident reconstructionists to understand how tire failure contributed to an accident. They may also work with mechanical engineers who perform mechanical failure analyses on crashed vehicles.

About the ATS Family of Companies

ATS is a testing company based in Atlanta that provides consulting engineering, inspection, and calibration services to a wide range of industries. We deliver high-quality tests and detailed analyses with a quick turnaround to meet our customers’ needs.

The ATS family of companies reaches clients nationwide. Our collaborative efforts make us uniquely qualified for forensic testing and analysis on commercial vehicles.

We hold ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification in electrical, nondestructive, mechanical, and chemical testing. Some of our labs are certified Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair stations and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145-approved locations.

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