Litigation Support at Applied Technical Services

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers an expansive range of litigation support services to assist law firms, insurance companies, and other clients with forensic investigations and expert witness testimony. With over 55 years of business experience, ATS applies unparalleled expertise to provide industry-leading fire investigation, vehicle accident reconstruction, industrial accident investigation, 3D site scanning, product liability, court proceeding support, and evidence storage services. Applied Technical Services is proud to be the preferred litigation support provider for some of the nation’s most prestigious businesses and organizations.

Forensic Services

ATS specializes in a wide variety of litigation support and forensic services. These services typically fall into one of the following categories:

Accident Reconstruction Services: We offer comprehensive industrial accident and automotive accident reconstruction services, including 3D site scanning, model and virtual reconstruction, construction and worksite reconstruction, black box imaging, and event data recorder services.

Evidence Storage: Our Marietta, Georgia location features over 20,000 square feet of secured, climate-controlled evidence storage capable of housing everything from golf carts to small aircrafts.

Failure Analysis Services: Our forensic experts perform several different types of failure analysis services, including contaminant analysis, paint bonding failure analysis, mechanical and fatigue failure analysis, and radiography.

Special Services: Our special services include drone inspections, joint inspections, and thermal imaging.

Structural Analysis Services: We perform 3D site scanning, forensic building consultation and inspections, structural fire damage inspections and assessments, and natural disaster inspections.

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