ATS is the future of fire and accident scene capturing for forensic investigations.

At Applied Technical Services we use the innovative solution to digitally seize the scene, examine and scrutinize the 3D data, and provide facts for courtroom materials. Our fire and forensics experts and investigators, as well as numerous demonstrative evidence providers worldwide, trust 3D laser elucidations to record the evidence at a crash site, crime, and fire scenes.

With the use of a 3D Laser Scanner, there is never the uncertainty of absent or misplaced critical evidence because the scene is digitally captured and preserved. Laser scanners document millions of data points to create a digital image whether it is in a laboratory or at the actual scene. This is called 3D point cloud and it provides an accurate 3D evidence representation such as vehicle positions, skid marks, spatter of blood, objects or burning patterns. ATS Fire or Forensic Investigators can capture all evidence in half of the duration it takes when outdated methods are used, therefore, making it more cost-effective when investigating automobile accidents, crimes or fire scenes. Besides, there is not a better way other than a visual demonstrative evidence.

Analyzing the Data

After documenting the scene, we can take the scanned information back to our office for examination, days, weeks or even years later. We can utilize the 3D point cloud to interpret and explore different points of view, accurately measure locations, and study what-if situations. With the facts and information acquired with the 3D scanner, we can create realistic animations and diagrams to help you describe your case.

ATS Delivers the Evidence

ATS investigators also have the capabilities to create accurate 2D and 3D diagrams, animations, and walk-throughs of the scene. We can help you turn the results of the investigation into presentations that can be distributed as visually convincing testimony to use in a court of law. What better way than to digitally walk the jury through a scene and help them see just how the scene looked. Deliver impressive results to your clients, judges, and juries.

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