Arson Investigators

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies employs arson investigators to conduct investigations on commercial and residential properties to identify the origin and cause of a fire.
Arson Investigation
Arson investigators assess whether a fire resulted from arson—the act of deliberately setting fire to a property. They couple criminal interrogation, investigation, and interview techniques with their knowledge of fire science when inspecting a scene. They search for any evidence of accelerant use, such as gasoline and other flammable substances, working to locate the starting point and spread of a fire.

Arson investigators also inspect commercial and residential properties to ensure they comply with fire safety standards and regulations to mitigate the potential risk of a fire.

How The Arson Investigation Process Works
Arson investigators inspect fire-related incidents after firefighters extinguish a fire. They will survey any damages at the scene to identify the origin and cause, concluding whether they were accidental, deliberate, or natural. Establishing the facts is essential in ensuring that similar events do not happen in the future.
Arson investigations must conduct a dynamic risk assessment, starting with an external examination of the scene to identify any points of entry. They inspect the entire area to preserve potential evidence before producing a plan to obtain items of interest. Ultimately, these investigators determine the cause of the fire and identify any potential criminal activity.
Arson Investigator Responsibilities
ATS Arson Investigators
ATS’ Family of Companies arson investigators possess a skilled eye, detecting the slightest trace of evidence at the scene of a fire. We help bring criminals to justice by identifying the origin and cause of a fire, as well as assisting in insurance claims and additional court proceedings.
We perform quality arson investigations, which include conclusive findings and repair recommendations. We also offer in-depth analyses, supplying clients with rigorous peer reviews that contain a multitude of diagrams and photos.
Quality Assurance
We comply with the rules and regulations of the engineering boards in each state and completes all work based on the facts of each case, staffing licensed investigators to perform all fire-related services.
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