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Applied Technical Services is an automotive expert witness in legal proceedings involving transportation and motor vehicles. Traffic collisions are daily occurrences that often result in personal injury, property damage, and legal disputes. While the causes of an accident may seem straightforward, unforeseen factors often contribute to or even cause the event. Automotive experts analyze these factors to determine the causes, attribute fault, and aid in litigation by serving as expert witnesses. 

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness has extensive knowledge, experience, or training with a specific occupation or subject matter, qualifying them as an expert in the court of law. The expert uses their expertise to develop an objective opinion on the contributing causes of a dispute. Unlike a lay witness, an expert may not be present at the scene of an accident, so they rely on evidence and lay witness testimony to develop their understanding of the case’s particulars.

Why are Automotive Expert Witnesses Important?

Automotive experts offer essential insight into motor vehicle technical and complicated functions. While many of us may see traffic collisions as a consequence of driver error, automotive experts carefully consider all factors when examining evidence. Automotive expert witnesses have an in-depth understanding of the following:

Applied Technical Services' Automotive Forensic Services

We employ automotive expert witnesses with experience in various transportation-related fields and occupations. Our expert witnesses aid in arbitration and litigation and provide expert testimony when necessary. In addition to our automotive expert witness services, we offer the following automotive-related forensic services: 

More About Our Forensic Lab

Our forensic testing lab specialists use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to determine the origin of structures, mechanical components, and equipment failure. Our licensed professional engineers perform tests on-site or in our A2LA-accredited mechanical, chemical, and nondestructive testing labs. Our forensic services benefit various industries worldwide, including:

Our staff works diligently to deliver services promptly and at a competitive price to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We communicate with clients throughout the service procedure to maintain transparency about our process and discoveries. Please complete a web request form to speak with an ATS representative about our automotive expert witnesses and forensic services. 

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