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Applied Technical Services serves as a construction defect expert witness in court cases involving improper construction practices. The construction industry is an important sector of our society that serves as a catalyst for the growth of businesses, cities, countries, and economies. However, like any industry, sometimes construction services lead to legal disputes where expert witnesses are needed to provide credibility to an argument which is why third-party expert witness services ATS are so important. 

What is a Construction Defect Claim?

A construction defect expert witness provides an objective perspective and professional opinion for legal actions involving construction companies or their clients. Claimants file construct defect claims for several reasons, including: 

The issues mentioned above may result in severe consequences such as:

Why are Construction Defect Expert Witnesses Important?

Construction defect experts are qualified to testify in court on their client’s behalf. The experts identify the causes and problems associated with the dispute to establish facts that aid the court’s resolution. Expert witnesses help with the following tasks.

More About Our Forensic Team

ATS employs qualified forensic professionals with decades of collective experience in forensic, electrical, and mechanical testing and analysis services. We are well-informed of standard industry practices and fully capable of assessing situations to acknowledge and address factors responsible for the subject of the claim. Our forensic testing lab offers several services, including:

Our Commitment to Quality Service

Applied Technical Services has remained dedicated to fostering positive experiences for our clients since our founding in 1967. Our polite and professional staff has access to state-of-the-art technology capable of fulfilling our client’s requests. We work with clients to develop testing procedures that address their needs while also adhering to the relevant industry standards. Please contact an ATS representative today for additional information regarding our construction defect expert witness services. 

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