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Applied Technical Services provides construction expert witness testimony for construction-related litigation. The construction industry is instrumental in the expansion and advancement of communities, economies, and nations worldwide. The complex nature of the industry leaves room for disputes, injuries, and property damage, leading to legal action where a construction expert witness is needed.

What is a Construction Expert Witness?

A construction expert uses knowledge and expertise to provide an expert opinion to the jury in construction law cases. Construction law consists of several common causes of disputes, including:

Why is Expert Witness Testimony Important?

Unlike lay witnesses, lawyers select expert witnesses to provide an objective perspective on the specific circumstances of a lawsuit. This selection presents a unique opportunity to use a professional’s expertise to simplify the otherwise complex factors that often contribute to the conditions of the case. Expert witnesses can support the defense or plaintiff in multiple ways, including:

About Our Forensic Team

Our licensed engineers specialize in electrical, mechanical, and forensic testing and analysis services. We employ professionals with decades of collective experience in engineering and various sciences to ensure that our services are thorough and well-informed. Our investigations occur on-site or in our labs and uncover the contributing factors that have led to an accident or material failure. We offer numerous forensic testing services, including:

Our construction experts use their experience with the construction industry, construction sites, and equipment to form professional opinions on events involving the construction industry or related fields. We personalize our services to address our client’s needs while complying with common standards enforced by governments and other agencies. Please submit a web request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to request the services of a construction expert witness.

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