ATS has investigated many accidents and a wide array of vehicular issues for insurance companies, rental companies, manufacturers, as well as both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Our Forensic staff has experience in crash reconstruction using the Bosch® CDR System (“Black-Box”), Vericom® dynamometer and G-meter engine diagnostic tools, and a Faro® digital scanner to assist in the reconstruction events of a crash. Our staff also has experience analyzing component failures on vehicles ranging from a Horse and Buggy, motorcycles, cars, trucks, small Cessna® planes to a Boeing® 757. ATS also has indoor secured storage to facilitate the investigation, and a well-lit inspection area mainly used for joint multi-party inspections that includes a 15,000 lb. lift.

Capabilities and Equipment:

ATS experts have many decades of crash reconstruction and incident investigations experience and understanding for any case that may come their way. Our crash reconstruction investigators have the ability and experience of providing expert testimony in many aspects of a crash reconstruction litigation. Quality assurance is always vital to all of our crash reconstruction investigations due to the high probability of litigation. We all should know that defined and exclusive training, skills and experience are items that are always required for any crash reconstruction investigation. Applied Technical Services employ some of the top and accomplished experts in the industry.

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