Evidence Storage
Evidence Can Make or Break a Court Case

That’s why evidence collection, storage, preservation, and submission are each important parts of the litigation process. Compromised evidence is of no use in court, potentially leading to incorrect conclusions and unnecessary settlements. Evidence typically spends some time in storage before it is submitted before a judge, and it is often during this storage period that the evidence may be compromised.

Different pieces of evidence will have different storage needs. A lack of security against careless handling or malicious tampering is a disaster waiting to happen, for instance. Furthermore, specific measures must be taken for evidence that is sensitive to contamination due to temperature or other ambient conditions, such as a biological sample. Temporary evidence storage sites should be able to provide such basic protections to keep their inventory unharmed during the lengthy litigation process. Thankfully, Applied Technical Services, LLC offers sufficient evidence storage solutions in addition to a wealth of other forensic services.

Security Measures
Our facility houses a secure evidence storage area that is accessible only to select, qualified employees. This storage space is large enough to fit vehicles like cars or small boats being held over the course of the litigation process.

Our storage area is under 24/7 camera surveillance. Multiple employee authentication barriers stand between our dedicated storage area and the public, and the space itself is enclosed and prohibited to all non-qualified employees. Our evidence storage capabilities can accommodate your needs, whether they are big or small.

Climate-Controlled Conditions

ATS has multiple evidence storage units capable of holding many pieces of evidence. Available for storing evidence with more specific preservation requirements, such as a biological sample, we can seal them in an air-tight container to prevent contamination. Depending on the evidence sample’s specific needs, our advanced equipment can simulate either a dry or a moist environment at a range of specified temperatures in order to best maintain the sample.

ATS offers many other forensic services, including:
ATS and Evidence Storage

For over 50 years, ATS has provided world-class consulting, engineering, inspection, and testing services to clients from an assortment of industries. If your case depends on preservation of evidence, let us provide appropriate evidence storage solutions to suit your needs; we can help you make sure that the integrity of your evidence remains unquestionable.

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