Fire Scene Investigators

Fire Scene Investigators

Applied Technical Services has a team of certified fire scene investigators and provides a variety of other forensic services as well, including forensic locksmithing, elevator expert testimony, forensic crash services, and forensic construction services.

Forensic Fire Investigation Services
Our fire scene investigators closely examine and analyze various attributes of a scene where a fire has occurred to gather evidence, determine the cause of a fire, and assess whether the fire was intentional or accidental. Forensic fire investigators can identify specific burn patterns, recognize accelerants, and determine if there is any evidence of utility tampering. All information gathered by our team of fire scene investigators is thoroughly documented and prepared for use by insurance companies and legal firms and authorities.
Additional Forensic Services at ATS
Applied Technical Services’ Forensic Department conducts forensic investigations and provides expert legal testimony in court proceedings. Our highly advanced forensics lab is located in Marietta, GA and offers several different services. This facility includes 20,000 square feet of evidence storage in a secure, climate-controlled environment. ATS’ forensic experts have several years of experience working with fire scenes and serves some of the country’s most prestigious legal, insurance, and manufacturing companies. Some commonly requested forensic services that ATS provides include:
Other ATS Services

Calibrations: Applied Technical Services performs avionic component calibrations and inspections, Computed Tomography (CT) scanning and analysis, dimensional calibrations, electrical calibrations, onsite tool and equipment calibrations, mechanical tool and equipment calibrations, Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) calibrations, high-precision measurement tool and equipment calibrations, thermal measurement device calibrations, and a variety of equipment repair services. ATS features an avionics lab, CT lab, dimensional lab, electrical lab, mechanical testing lab, standards lab, thermal lab, and several different repair centers and facilities.

Engineering: ATS’ engineering service offerings include mechanical engineering, materials engineering, structural engineering, safety engineering, reliability engineering and testing, welding engineering, and a wide range of industrial and commercial services.

Inspections: Our inspection services include but are not limited to nondestructive testing (NDT) inspections, dimensional inspections, fall protection and safety inspections, weld inspections, tank inspections, first article inspections, and rope access system inspections.

IT Consulting: ATS offers consulting services for quality management solutions, business process automation, cybersecurity, and critical business applications. Abel Solutions, an ATS company, has the expertise, knowledge, and resources to provide technology strategy, intelligent automation, and collaboration enablement with custom portals to meet the needs of our clients across several different industries.

Testing and Analysis: Applied Technical Services has over five decades of experience as a mechanical, materials, consumer product, environmental, nondestructive, and electrical testing service provider. We also offer a variety of failure analysis, metallurgical analysis, and chemical analysis services. ATS has an expansive service network that gives our clients access to convenient locations around the country, all of which adhere to our quality assurance program to ensure consistently exceptional service quality.

NDT Training: Applied Technical Services offers NDT training courses for visual testing and inspections, ultrasonic testing, radiography, radiation safety, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, eddy current testing, aircraft inspections, alternating current field measurement, and infrared testing. We also provide NDT consulting services, such as evaluations, program development, project management, procedure writing, auditing, and personnel certification and examination.

Rope Access: ATS’ Rope Access Division offers rope access training and certification courses in our state-of-the-art rope access facility in Marietta, GA. Our five-day SPRAT certification courses include four days of hands-on training and instruction with our certified rope access instructors followed by one day of examination. We offer all levels of SPRAT certification to allow candidates to establish and elevate their rope access career.

Reliability Training: Applied Technical Services offers reliability and failure analysis courses for plant engineers, maintenance mechanics and technicians, maintenance supervisors, and reliability engineers. These public and private courses feature hands-on experience instructed by reliability professionals and cover everything from preventing failures to mechanical component functionality.

ATS serves some of the nation’s most reputable companies and organizations working in industries such as:
Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services has over 55 years of experience as one of the nation’s most reputable industrial testing and analysis service providers. We perform testing, analysis, inspection, and repair services both in our labs and in the field, offering convenient service options with competitive pricing. ATS maintains a wide range of accreditations and certifications to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and dependability in our reporting, including ISO 9001, ISO 17025, CPSC approval, and EASA approval. Request a free quote or schedule services with ATS’ team of certified fire scene investigators today by clicking here or calling 1 (888) 287-5227.

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