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Firearms Testing

Applied Technical Services’ experts in our Forensic Analysis department have established a dependable reputation in firearms testing. ATS can perform inspection and testing services for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Our methods include X-ray, CT scanning, and other non-destructive testing evaluations. We at ATS have a diverse range of capabilities that apply to testing firearms, including Forensic and Consulting Engineering, Computed Tomography or CT X-Ray, Metallurgy, Chemical Analysis, Fire and Explosion Investigations, Materials Testing, and Dimensional Testing services. We specialize in operational drop testing of firearms, which we have conducted to both SAMI and the California Drop Test requirements.

We have supported testing of firearm components and assemblies for manufacturers and outside consulting. We routinely conduct trigger force analysis on firearms. We regularly investigate the myriad potential causes of failure in firearms, including:

ATS is a laboratory that has long worked with manufacturers to develop specialized testing tools and techniques to conduct firearm component endurance testing. This has included exposing firearm components to several hundred thousand firing loads.

Drop Safety Requirement for Handguns

The last test required to be conducted according to the 11 CCR § 4060 is the “drop safety requirement for handguns” test evaluation and inspection.

Before any make and model can be considered for certification, all firearms or handguns must pass both the firing requirement and the drop safety requirement for handguns evaluations per 11 CCR § 4060. There is a minimum number of firearms or handguns of the same make and model required for testing. You can contact us at ATS for testing information.

Handgun Testing Evaluation

ATS has personnel knowledgeable about handgun design, firearm safety design, and defect analysis. Ours is one of the few full-service testing laboratories capable of analyzing and testing your firearm completely in-house. ATS is an FFL Licensed facility capable of shipping and receiving firearms under federal law.

Lifecycle and Endurance Testing Evaluation

ATS is an ISO 9001 accredited facility and can provide testing of firearms for the requirements of Mil-810G, Environmental Exposure. ATS has containment and environmental chambers that can support military and manufacturer firearm testing requirements and Technical Operation Procedure (TOPS) testing.

Contact us for your handgun and firearms testing needs. At ATS, We Take a Closer Look.

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