At Applied Technical Services, we specialize in forensic 3D scanning. When a critical part or component fails, its cause may not be immediately evident. ATS’ forensic services use failure analysis techniques to discover what went wrong. Forensic 3D scanning is a method of computer-aided scanning that can find and measure surface flaws with impeccable accuracy. While an effective method for performing a detailed examination of a failed component’s surface flaws, its capabilities do not allow inspectors to characterize the subject’s structural makeup or find voids within a material. ATS implements Computed Tomography (CT) scanning — a nondestructive method that provides three-dimensional, cross-sectional images of specific zones in test materials — to accomplish these goals instead.

Forensic 3D Scanning Implementing CT

Computed Tomography generates cross-sectional images by compiling a sequence of X-rays that displays both the surface and internal condition of a test material. The combination of X-ray sequences creates a 3D model that allows our engineers and technicians to scale and observe the digital image for analysis. These experts can then apply a 3D simulation of the test equipment under functional and stress conditions. CT is a comprehensive and versatile procedure that combines the benefits of several testing methods into a single service.

CT is commonly used for parts and components that make up larger equipment systems. Furthermore, CT conveniently provides a range of information in a single scan as opposed to having to implement other various testing methods to gather multiple data points. In addition to failure analysis, ATS’ forensic 3D scanning is appealing for our clients in need of research and development, preventative and predictive maintenance, and metrology services.

CT Scanning Equipment Capabilities

Zeiss Metrotom 1500, with a 225kV micro-focus

Northstar Imaging X5000

ATS Quality & Experience

ATS’ experienced technicians conduct all our forensic 3D scanning in our advanced labs utilizing industry-leading computed tomography technology for accurate inspection results. For over five decades, we have supported industries throughout the United States and globally. Industries that have partnered with ATS include aerospace/aviation, automotive, commercial construction, consumer products, defense/military, manufacturing, medical equipment, nuclear, power generation, steel and aluminum, and weld and fabrication industries. We regularly inspect clients’ critical parts, delivering conclusive facts and practical solutions for our clients.

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