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Applied Technical Services serves as a forensic engineering expert witness for commercial, legal, and insurance clients. Engineering is complex practice relied on by various industries worldwide, and there are often situations in which accidents, damage, or injury occur. Forensic engineering experts examine these events to determine fault, improve the practice, and investigate the conditions of materials. 

What is a Forensic Engineering Expert?

A forensic engineering expert has extensive knowledge and experience in the application of engineering principles. Forensic engineering experts provide objective and accurate information about situations involving property damage or injury because of poor engineering practices. The information gathered by forensic engineers is admissible in court, and they may testify as expert witnesses.

What is an Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses use their certification, education, experience, and training to aid in litigation. An expert witness observes the evidence and facts of a case to develop an objective opinion on the events that inspired the legal actions. Expert witnesses simplify the case’s otherwise scientific or complicated details, improving the jury’s understanding of the situation. 

About Our Forensic Engineering Expert Witnesses

Our forensic engineering expert witnesses use their expertise in civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering to investigate accidents and failures in materials. Our forensic services help our clients do the following.

We offer numerous forensic engineering services, including:

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services offers quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineer services worldwide. As an ISO 9001-certified management system, we pride ourselves on our operation’s continuous growth and improvement. Our employees foster positive experiences by remaining engaged and transparent with clients throughout the service process. We perform services in compliance with the relevant industry standards while also adhering to the request of our clients. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 to further details regarding our forensic engineering expert witness and other forensic services. 


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