Forensic Metallurgist

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies staffs a forensic metallurgist team to test the properties of alloys and metals.
Forensic Metallurgy
A forensic metallurgist tests and analyzes failed equipment, ranging from a single component to an entire system. They work with various equipment, including structural components, fasteners, valves, piping, metal structures, storage tanks, and hydraulic systems.
They conduct inspections to identify the source of any loss resulting in injury, property damage, or legal action. They also assess the site of failure to improve the construction process, so the same errors do not happen again.
Component or System Failure Can Occur Due To:
The ATS Family of Companies Forensic Metallurgist Team
The ATS Family of Companies forensic metallurgist team offers in-depth inspections of equipment and system failures. Once these inspections end, we complete a peer-reviewed process to supply clients with photos, diagrams, repair recommendations, and conclusive findings.
Failure Analysis
Our forensic metallurgists conduct failure analysis on various materials, such as steels, titanium, aluminum, ceramics, plastics, glass, super alloys, and copper alloys. We consult with clients to identify the full scope of factors during a project, including the size of a component, the shape of a component, and the material of manufacture.
Metallurgical Testing Techniques
Forensic Engineering Laboratory
The ATS Family of Companies access equipment in our forensic engineering laboratory, supporting metallurgy, failure analysis, chemical analysis, materials testing, and a vast evidence storage facility.
Quality Standards and Requirements
We adhere to the quality standards and requirements of industry organizations such as ANSI, ASTM, ISO, and MIL-STD. Our engineering lab is A2LA certified in calibrations, chemical analysis, electrical testing, and mechanical testing. We are also NADCAP certified in nondestructive testing.
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Contact the ATS Family of Companies’ certified forensic metallurgist team by phone at +1 (888) 287-5227 or fill out the webform on this page to get in touch with us.

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