Forensic Roof Inspection

Applied Technical Services’ forensic roof inspection services ensure that roof installations comply with the relevant codes and specifications. Roof inspections protect customers and businesses from the damages and costs associated with improper installations. 

What is a Forensic Roof Inspection?

Forensic roof inspections evaluate recently installed roofs to ensure that the roofers followed the correct procedures and did an adequate job. The examinations consist of visual assessments, the retrieval of samples, and a review of the roof’s performance. Forensic roof inspections help with the following.  

When are Forensic Roof Inspections Needed?

Forensic roof inspections support attorneys, insurance agencies, owners, and property managers involved in lawsuits regarding roofing performance. Our experienced engineers analyze the facts of the situation to provide various services that aid in an investigation and court ruling, including:

Our forensic analysis team examines multiples facets of the roofing installation process, including:

We review the information above to establish the facts of the dispute to provide a professional and objective perspective on the claim.

More About Our Forensic Testing Lab

Our forensic testing lab determines the causes of various materials’ equipment, structural, and mechanical failure. We can perform forensic tests and inspections on-site or in our accredited chemical, mechanical, and nondestructive testing facilities. We specialize in several forensic services, including: 

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services provides professional inspection, testing, and consulting engineering to businesses worldwide. We are an ISO 9001-certified management system that delivers exemplary service to clients in various industries. We have continued to expand and improve our extensive list of services and certifications throughout our 55-year history that uphold our commitment to quality. Our experts communicate with clients throughout the service process to maintain transparency regarding our pricing, procedures, and the results of our findings. Please submit a web request form or contact an ATS representative to request a free quote for our forensic roof inspection services.  

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