Forensic Structural Engineering Firms

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies is one of the region’s most well-established forensic structural engineering firms, with experts that evaluate the extent of damage following several different types of incidents.
Forensic Structural Engineering
Forensic structural engineering identifies the integrity of a building or structure. Licensed professional engineers are skilled in various disciplines, including building code violations, design flaws, water damage, framing issues, foundation issues, soil movements, and geotechnical issues. These engineers are well-versed in mechanics and physics, understanding how different materials will hold up in various conditions and situations.
Forensic Structural Engineering Firms
Forensic structural engineering firms provide evaluations to help property owners determine the cause of damage. They employ experts to identify if the damage resulted from a third-party contribution, lack of maintenance, construction defect, or material failure. Once examined, experts supply property owners with detailed reports documenting the full extent of damages.
Professional forensic structural engineering firms possess the proper knowledge and skillset to diagnose and determine what led to the component or structure failure. Upon hire, they can consult with the attorney about their findings to provide litigation support in court proceedings.
The Importance of Forensic Structural Engineering Firms
Forensic structural engineering firms are essential in identifying the cause of failure and establishing the chain of events that led to the damage. Sometimes structural damage can occur due to catastrophic events, such as heavy wind, snow, and floods, and the cause is attributed to the weather. However, this is not always the case, and the underlying cause can be completely different from the apparent one.
Construction Defects
Forensic Structural Engineering Services at ATS

ATS and its Family of Companies provide quality forensic structural engineering services that include conclusive findings, diagrams, photos, and repair recommendations. We have expertise in commercial and residential foundations, roofing, building envelopes, storm damage evaluations, construction defect evaluations, and water intrusion.

ATS and its Family of companies features a 150,000-square-foot engineering laboratory with an extensive list of service offerings across a variety of departments, including metallurgy, chemical analysis, failure analysis, and materials testing. With these types of testing and analysis, we identify the origin and cause of failure in equipment.

Our engineering lab maintains hundreds of approvals and certifications, including ISO, ASTM, ANSI, and MIL-STD. We complete all our assignments under the various rules and regulations of the authoritative boards employed in each state.
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