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Forensic Testing Service

Applied Technical Services’ Forensics Division features several Forensic Testing Service offerings, including forensic locksmithing, forensic construction investigations and expert testimony, elevator investigations and expert testimony, and crash reconstruction.

Forensic Services at ATS
Applied Technical Services is one of the nation’s premier Forensic Testing Service providers, offering a wide range of forensic services in the field, in our laboratory, and in the courtroom. Our highly advanced forensic laboratory is located in Marietta, Georgia, where we offer evidence storage in our secure, climate-controlled 20,000 square foot evidence storage facility. Some of our forensic testing service offerings include:

3D Site Scanning: ATS offers 3D laser scanning to preserve the quality of evidence and accident scenes by creating 3D models of different types of environments. This procedure creates perfect recreations of fire and accident scenes that maintain aspects such as distance, and spatial relations.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction: Our forensic experts are able to create an identical recreation of a traffic accident scene to provide further insight into the nature of the incident. We offer this service for accidents involving motorcycles, cars, trucks, and small and large aircraft.

Industrial Accident Reconstruction: ATS provides industrial accident reconstruction services to allow the identification of various factors involved in industrial accidents, such as roof collapse, floor failures, and personal protective equipment.

Fire Scene Investigations and Expert Testimony: Our experts perform fire scene investigations in the field and offer fire scene litigation support services as well. Our highly trained forensic staff are capable of performing various types of fire scene investigation testing in our forensic laboratory as well.

Elevator Investigations and Expert Testimony: Our forensic experts provide elevator accident investigations as well as expert testimony to assist legal teams and insurance companies.

Forensic Construction Investigations and Expert Testimony: ATS specializes in forensic construction investigations, litigation support, and laboratory testing. We offer services relating to construction safety, construction insurance and injury claims, and construction defects and evidence.

Product Liability Investigations and Expert Testimony: Our certified forensic specialists conduct investigations and provide expert witness testimony for cases involving product liability for legal teams and insurance companies.

Forensic Building Consultation: Applied Technical Services has extensive experience investigating the cause of structure failure and collapse for owners, insurance companies, and attorneys.

Natural Disaster Inspections: Since our forensics team was established in 1974, ATS has performed numerous natural disaster inspections both in the field and in our forensics laboratory.

Evidence Storage: ATS’ Marietta, Georgia location features secured, climate-controlled evidence storage, capable of storing vehicles ranging from motorcycles to different types of aircraft.

Black Box Data: We offer vehicle data image extraction to assist insurance companies and legal teams in accident investigations and legal proceedings.

Additional Services at ATS
With our rapidly expanding nationwide service network of ATS companies conveniently located throughout the continental United States, we have the resources and expertise to address the industrial testing and analysis needs of nearly any business. In addition to our forensic testing service offerings, ATS specializes in the following fields and industries:
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services has become one of the country’s leading industrial testing and analysis providers since our founding in 1967. We adhere to a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure the highest service quality while maintaining several different certifications and accreditations to guarantee accurate reporting. We understand the importance of timeliness, offering rush service for several of the services we offer to keep your business running smoothly. Contact the proven Forensic Testing Service experts at Applied Technical Services today by clicking here or calling 1 (888) 287-5227 and request a free quote.
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