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Forensic Thermal Imaging

Applied Technical Services offers forensic thermal imaging services that aid with investigations and inspections.

What is Forensic Thermal Imaging?

Infrared thermography, or forensic thermal imaging, is a process that converts an object’s thermal energy into images of patterns displayed on a thermal imaging device. These patterns provide insight into the conditions of environments contained within structures such as pipes or walls. Thermal imaging is effective at discovering irregularities involving:

Thermography and Forensic Investigations

Thermography is a popular test method for investigations involving building and homes’ structural integrity and inner workings. The technology helps investigators and maintenance personnel quickly locate and evaluate areas of concern in hard-to-reach places. Thermography has several benefits that aid in the investigation process, including:  

About Our Forensic Thermal Imaging Services

Our forensic imaging services are quick, competitively priced, and provide insight into the deficiencies of a structure. We offer several infrared imaging services that comply with common industry standards, including:

More About Our Forensic Investigation Services

Our team of forensic specialists consists of licensed professional engineers that determine the causes of mechanical, structural, and equipment failure in various materials. We offer dozens of forensic services that investigate the sites of incidents, crimes, and disputes, allowing us to analyze data and attribute faults to the appropriate parties. Our specialists qualify as expert witnesses for various subjects and can support clients in litigation, testify in court, and offer professional consulting services. Our services benefit numerous industries, including:

Our forensic testing staff has decades of collective experienced in various disciplines, allow us to conduct thorough forensic investigations for various disciplines. Our services are prompt and competitively priced to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Upon the completion of service, we provide clients with clear and concise data reports that detail our findings in an easy-to-read format for the convenience of our clients. Please complete a web request form or contact an ATS representative for additional information regarding our forensic thermal imaging services.

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