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Hurricane Structural Damage Inspection

Applied Technical Services provides hurricane structural damage inspection services for buildings and businesses impacted by hurricane-related weather events.

Hurricanes and Structural Damage

Violent winds, heavy rain, and widespread flooding accompany hurricanes and cause extensive damage to anything in their path. Roofs, walls, and openings are particularly susceptible to damage because of their direct exposure to the various forces associated with hurricanes and similar weather events. While some damage may appear obvious, a structural damage inspection is often needed to properly assess a home or building’s soundness following a traumatic weather event.

Why is Structural Inspection Important?

Engineers perform structural inspections to evaluate the condition of a home or building’s beams, columns, or foundations. Engineers pay particular attention to the load-bearing components of the structure because they significantly impact the building’s integrity. Structural issues may result in the following conditions. 

ATS' Hurricane Structural Damage Inspections

Our licensed structural engineers examine the details of a property to thoroughly evaluate the status of the home or building’s structural integrity. We emphasize a few areas of importance during our inspections, including:

Our inspections determine if a building needs extensive repairs following the events of a hurricane. We recommend that clients request our services if they suspect, detect, or observe any damage or failure in the structure of their home or business. During visits, our engineers conduct visual inspections of the building to diagnose the situation before using advanced infrared technology to inspect the structure further. Once service is complete, clients will receive information on the following. 

Our Forensic Inspection Team

Our forensic team consists of engineers, chemists, metallurgists, and forensic specialists with decades of collective experience in forensic services. We use our accredited nondestructive, chemical, and mechanical testing facilities to determine the cause of materials, structural, and equipment failure. We provide a wide range of forensic services, including:

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