Ladder Expert Witness

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies provides ladder expert witness services, including testimonies regarding the design, manufacture, and safety of all ladders and their components.
ATS' Ladder Expert Witness Team
The ATS Family of Companies staffs a ladder expert witness team to provide independent opinions as consultants on litigation matters. We are capable of rendering opinions, drafting reports, and providing expert testimonies.
Our ladder expert witness team regularly works with:
Fall Protection System Inspection
The ATS Family of Companies performs fall protection system inspections to help business owners and managers comply with safety regulations. We provide inspection and certifications for numerous fall protection systems and components, including:
OSHA Compliance
Our professional engineers (P.E.s) perform routine OSHA-compliant inspections on fall protection systems. We evaluate our clients’ systems and assess them for any signs of damage. Additionally, we outline necessary maintenance or repair actions in our reports upon completion.
Forensic Engineering Team
The ATS Family of Companies employs a forensic engineering team, many of whom are industry professionals in ladder inspection and related fields. We utilize cutting-edge technology to perform various procedures to determine if the failure in equipment resulted from improper service or repair, lack of maintenance, manufacturing defect, or operator error.
We provide services in the following ways:
About ATS
Applied Technical Services provides high-quality testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services throughout the US and abroad. We are an ISO 9001-certified management system dedicated to our operation’s continual growth and improvement. We perform services in compliance with relevant industry standards while adhering to specific client needs.
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