We are the one-stop-shop for inspection or investigation.

Applied Technical Services routinely assist with conducting the fire or forensic investigation, in addition to the evidence handling of some of the most irregular large loss subrogation cases throughout the country. Over the 50 plus years, we have become one of the go-to inspection or investigation laboratory for many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, DOD and Government entities, and others. Whether they are a vehicle or structural fire, vehicle accidents, accident reconsruction, machinery failures, crane collapse, plant explosions, marine and inland marine losses, as well as large-scale cases of natural disasters like tornado damages, flood losses, hurricane damages and windstorms our highly qualified personnel can help you.

ATS has the knowledge and decades of experience for making the difference by performing thorough investigations leaving no stone unturned. Our experts have helped attorneys with testimony, including trial testimony, on Federal and State courts for both sides, plaintiff and/or defense, bring numerous subrogation cases to fruition with successful outcome.

ATS Distinction

One dissimilarity between ATS experts and our competition is that our experts can arrive on site in conjunction with the attorneys, investigators or adjustors in order to preserve and analyze key evidence and diagnose liability. Our clients are offered prompt and cost-effective on/off-site accurate inspections or investigations (on-site if circumstances permit it).

We can help prosecute or defend large loss or small property subrogation claims, including those arising from water losses, accidents, construction defects, product malfunction, fires, explosions, or many other causes. We can offer an assortment of aid to the attorneys for the plaintiff, manufacturers, as well as to insurance companies with our experienced expert representation in the areas of civil litigation, product liability, subrogation, or defense claims. To us a small loss is as valuable as a large loss. Let us help you with our expertise in your next circumstance or case whether it is a small or large loss investigation event.

Coordination with Attorneys, Manufacturers, Consultants, and Independent Adjusters

ATS is well known for its cost-effective inspections or large loss inspections and practical solutions to many issues, and yet sustain a sturdy resolution in issues that withstand trial defamation. Our standing allows us to respond expeditiously in case a forensic professional or fire investigator is in need to a loss site anywhere in the United States. We assured that the correct expert, with the correct expertise, attend the loss site or scene and as soon as possible. All ATS origin and cause investigators and experts are NFPA 921 certified.

Investigation Services

For almost 50 years, Applied Technical Services, Inc. has served the insurance industry, manufacturing and legal community providing fire and forensic experts and auxiliary services in the following disciplines:

In the event that something blew up, caught fire, crashed, does not work, fell, or failed to perform, we are your fire & forensic experts to tell you why. Contact us at Applied Technical Services.

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