Maritime Expert Witness

Applied Technical Services serves as a maritime expert witness for litigation involving marine activities such as  construction, navigation, and shipping. The maritime industry dominates trade, travel, and recreation, so its important that businesses and personnel engage in safe practices. Unfortunately, accidents occur, and like any industry, maritime activities can occasionally lead to disputes where legal action and expert witnesses are needed.

What are Expert Witnesses?

Expert witnesses use their experience, knowledge, and training in a specific field to aid in legal action. Expert witnesses simplify the technical details of a case and are called upon when the information in question extends beyond common knowledge. The induvial serving as an expert witness can also use their well-informed opinion to conclude the circumstances in question. 

What is a Maritime Expert Witness?

A maritime expert witness is an induvial whose knowledge of maritime-related practices qualifies them as an expert in a court of law. These experts investigate events responsible for personal injury or property damage to determine which party is responsible. Our maritime expert witnesses help clients support and defend claims of wrongdoing by: 

More About Our Forensic Testing Services

Applied Technical Services’ forensic lab testing services determine the causes of materials’ structural, mechanical, and equipment failure. We use state-of-the-art equipment to investigate and inspect materials promptly and accurately. Our forensic specialists have decades of collective experience in various industries, allowing us to investigate claims from several professional perspectives. We offer numerous forensic testing services, including: 

About Applied Technical Services

ATS provides professional consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services worldwide. Our A2LA-accredited mechanical, nondestructive, and testing labs offer competitively priced services that benefit businesses worldwide. We provide services that address the specific needs of our clients while also adhering to common industry standards and practices. Please submit a web request or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to speak with a certified expert witness. 

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