Mechanical Forensics

Applied Technical Services and its family of companies staff engineers experienced in mechanical forensics to determine if damage was sustained after a mechanical failure or if it was the root cause.
Mechanical Failure
Mechanical failure renders a component or system inoperable, leading to significant issues ranging in severity. Locating the root cause can help prevent any future damage from occurring, as well as assist in insurance claims and legal proceedings.
Common Types of Mechanical Failure
ATS' Mechanical Forensics Services
The ATS Family of Companies staffs an expert team of engineers to provide mechanical forensics services that analyze the cause of any mechanical failure or pre-existing condition that could have contributed to the damage. We follow rigorous industry standards to determine what materials or parts could have potentially contributed to equipment failure and how the properties of each failed component impacted the resulting damage.
Our engineers utilize scientific processes to assess materials and parts involved in the failure. After performing this assessment, our mechanical forensic engineers deliver an in-depth evaluation of what occurred to clients, offering solutions for future prevention.
Product Liability Evaluations
Our mechanical forensic engineers perform product liability evaluations to identify whether the loss resulted from a manufacturing defect, poor design, or operator error. We utilize our highly advanced engineering laboratory for onsite testing and analysis.
Our engineers inspect safety-guarded equipment to assess if the guards or safety measures were adequately engaged, if the specific signage was posted, and if the equipment was correctly designed. We also evaluate automotive components, electrical components, plumping components, industrial and farm equipment, oil and gas equipment, bicycles, chairs, ladders, and tires.
The ATS Family of Companies Engineering Laboratory

The ATS Family of Companies conducts chemical analysis, failure analysis, and materials testing in our 150,000-square-foot engineering laboratory, procuring information on the cause and origin of failure in nearly any appliance, component, equipment, or material.

Technology Sector Vendor Approvals and Accreditations
Quality Assurance
We perform mechanical forensics services with our licensed P.E.s (professional engineers), many of whom are members of organizations like NAFE (National Academy of Forensic Engineers) and ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).
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