ATS has inspected and investigated boilers, vessels, and piping to determine causes of failure for insurance companies, manufacturers, as well as both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Residential, retail, office, industrial, and processing facilities utilize a wide variety of mechanical systems for heating and cooling, potable water distribution, fire suppression, and for supporting industrial processes. System failures can lead to losses resulting in personal injury, property damage, and disruption of business. ATS investigators have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of systems, their associated piping valves and fittings, including the governing codes, regulations, and standards. We perform failure analysis, system component testing, and standards guidance for both general industry and for the litigation community. For example, at ATS our engineers provide design and inspection services for Boiler units, Pressure Vessels, and Tanks for various industries including Power Generation, Commercial Laundry, Pulp & Paper, Chemical Processing, and Food Processing.

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