Product Liability Expert Witness

Applied Technical Services testifies as a product liability expert witness in court cases involving product error or failure. Products of all types are prone to failure, which may result in legal action against the responsible parties. We evaluate the facts of cases regarding product liability and offer aid as expert witnesses.  

What is a Product Liability?

Product liability is the liability assumed by all parties involved with the production or distribution process of products. We expect manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers to sell products that are safe for consumers. Failure to do so may result in legal action requiring an expert witness.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is an individual whose experience, education, and expertise in a particular field qualifies them to serve as a witness in court. Expert witnesses analyze the evidence and facts of the case to provide an objective opinion on the details of the dispute. Expert witnesses provide the following services:

Why are Product Liability Expert Witnesses Important?

When we purchase products, we, as consumers, assume that they are safe to use and reliable. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as a manufacturer’s or distributor’s negligence, poor production practices, and breaches of contract may result in product liability claims. Product liability expert witnesses analyze the evidence surrounding product liability claims and make impartial statements about the dispute. Experts play an essential role in the legal proceedings, as they simplify otherwise complex information for a jury that may be unfamiliar with product development and distribution details.

About Our Product Liability Expert Witness

Our expert witnesses help with cases where defective products cause injury or damage to people or property. We investigate the events preceding the litigation to determine which party’s actions are responsible for the damages. Our services help clients resolve disputes involving various factors, including: 

Our forensic team also serves as expert witnesses for litigation involving the following:

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