Applied Technical Services, LLC provides refrigerated evidence storage space for samples that are climate-sensitive. Whether your sample is large or small, whether it requires a refrigerated or heated climate, ATS can meet your evidence storage needs.

Importance of Legal Evidence

Because of its important role in the litigation process, investigators expend a great deal of effort to ensure evidence collected from a crime scene or accident site is properly handled. There is an entire standard process dedicated to establishing the proper chain of custody for a piece of evidence, with the intent to guard it against tampering or contamination.

Proper Evidence Storage

Evidence will likely spend time in storage before it is turned over to the court for use during trial. This period in storage is when evidence is most likely to be compromised in one way or another. An unwary employee knocking over a piece of evidence makes for a logistical nightmare, for instance. A malicious party tampering with evidence can upend a case. Samples of biological evidence often need to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid decomposition. Different pieces of evidence will have different storage needs; fortunately for investigators, Applied Technical Services, LLC provides safe and secure refrigerated storage solutions for preservation of evidence sensitive to heat.

ATS and Evidence Storage

For over 50 years, ATS has provided consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services to clients from a variety of industries. We offer a collection of evidence storage options, as well as a range of other forensic-related services. Our storage area’s security is top-tier, with 24-hour camera surveillance and strict access restrictions for non-qualified personnel. Trust ATS to maintain the integrity of your critical evidence with our climate-controlled, highly secure evidence storage solutions.

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