Truck Accident Expert Witness

Applied Technical Services is a truck accident expert witness capable of serving as an expert witness for litigation involving commercial trucking accidents. While car accidents are damaging enough, commercial trucking accidents present a unique danger because of the sheer size and weight of the trucks involved. Unfortunately, much like car accidents, truck accidents are inevitable, and the resulting damage often leads to expensive repairs, injury, death, and legal action against the party responsible for initiating the chain of events.

What are Truck Accident Investigations?

Truck accident investigations consist of a thorough evaluation of the drivers, vehicles, road conditions, and evidence regarding a truck accident. Our investigation services consist of multiple steps, including:

The information gathered helps investigators reconstruct the accident and associate the fault with the responsible parties. 

Why are Truck Accident Expert Witnesses Important?

Our truck accident expert witnesses use their experience, training, and knowledge to examine evidence and form an objective on the events surrounding trucking accidents. Truck accident expert witnesses may offer their professional opinion on the following:

Our expert witnesses help simply relevant information that is otherwise detailed and technical information examined in accident-related cases to aid the jury’s understanding of the subject. We also support clients during litigation and offer expert testimonies that clarify the facts of the case.  

Applied Technical Services' Forensic Lab

Our forensic testing lab team consists of licensed professional engineers that evaluate structural, equipment, and mechanical failures. Our staff uses their experience in chemical, mechanical, and nondestructive testing to develop a well-informed and tactical approach to forensic investigations. We offer laboratory and on-site testing services that comply with common industry standards while addressing the client’s specific needs. Our employees remain engaged and communicative with clients throughout the service process to ensure that our services are transparent and beneficial. Please complete our web request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 for more information regarding our forensic services.

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