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Fatigue Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services’ Family of Companies provides a state-of-the-art fatigue testing lab for manufacturers needing to evaluate the structural integrity and resilience of their products, including medical devices.
Issues With Fatigue
Fatigue is categorized by the initiation and growth of cracks resulting in a catastrophic fracture in a material or product. It can prove problematic to the quality, safety, and performance of materials and products. Testing for fatigue is essential in investigating, analyzing, and preventing fatigue.
Fatigue Testing
Fatigue testing is a specific area of mechanical testing that can determine the material’s ability to withstand cyclic loading conditions. This testing method helps experts evaluate the material’s lifespan under certain conditions. This method of mechanical testing helps assess the material’s fatigue strength and crack resistance.
How Fatigue Testing Works
Fatigue testing uses cyclic loading to determine the lifespan of a material or product under conditions of fluctuating stress, resulting in cracking or complete fracture. These tests ensure material or product safety in the medical device industry, where failure can result in significant damage or serious injury.
Experts perform fatigue testing under various loads, speeds, and temperatures. The results of these tests predict the lifespan of a material or product and the parts that may endure exposure to demanding conditions. It can also characterize different material properties.
The Importance of Fatigue Testing
Fatigue testing is an essential part of the medical device testing process that determines the behavior of a material or specimen during cyclic loading. Because medical device testing is strictly regulated due to the potential risks associated with the application of a product, fatigue testing is a vital service that an experienced testing company must perform while adhering to details such as stress levels, sample sizes, and other protocols.
Fatigue Testing at ATS' Family of Companies
We provide an array of fatigue and mechanical testing services. With over 55 years of industry experience, we understand the rigors involved in adequately carrying out fatigue testing services. Our team is well-versed in creating test plans, which include technical reports that manufacturers can submit to regulatory bodies in order to meet various industry requirements.
Applied Technical Services’ Family of Companies sets out to develop an appropriate sample size for manufacturers’ medical devices. We base the sample size on factors such as the desired statistical significance, the number of tests needed to achieve statistical confidence, the cost of the test specimens, and the standard deviation.
Our Fatigue Testing Lab
Our fatigue testing lab analyzes the fatigue resistance of sample materials. The sample material will accumulate stress due to repeated loading and unloading, which causes a microscopic crack to form and then expand, ultimately leading to a complete fracture in the sample material.
Compliance Standards and Regulations
Applied Technical Services’ Family of Companies maintains several accreditations, including ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Our testing labs perform fatigue testing and analysis services on a variety of products, including medical devices, under ISO and ASTM standards.
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