Chemical Conversion Coatings
Applied Technical Services performs MIL-DTL 81706 testing for our military clients to verify that the anti-corrosion coatings they use on aluminum substrates perform to specifications. Aircraft and other advanced equipment require every component to work together flawlessly to ensure the safety of their operators and the security of the mission. ATS recognizes this and offers a wide variety of military standard testing services to ensure the success of these defense materials for all sorts of contractors, from parts suppliers to manufacturers. Our technicians use their experience performing MIL-DTL 81706 to assess chemical conversion coatings — employed in a variety of materiel applications because they improve abrasion and corrosion resistance, help paints mechanically bond to their substrate, and stabilize material conductivity — and check that their properties meet the requirements of the final product’s intended service conditions.
Because of their range of applications, many components use chemical conversion coatings and thus require MIL-DTL 81706 testing. Some of the most commonly used on aircraft include:
MIL-DTL 81706 and Our Other Military Standard Testing Capabilities
We perform a variety of test methods consistent with the MIL-DTL 81706 standard, such as salt spray corrosion resistance, paint adhesion analysis, coating weight measurements, electrical resistance determination, and sample storage in hot and cold environments. Our expertise in performing MIL-DTL 81706-compliant testing allows us to better serve parts suppliers to the defense industry, giving them a trusted resource to validate their materials and processes. We maintain ISO 17025 accreditation to perform one of the underlying standards for chemical conversion coating analysis required by MIL-DTL 81706, ASTM B117, and perform all associated testing methods to specification in accordance with our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
In addition to our expertise with this specification, we also perform the other military standard testing services, including the following:
About ATS
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has continually deepened our pool of expertise while broadening the scope of our capabilities. In the past 50+ years, our company has gone from a trio of engineers struggling against the confines of their shared office in our founder’s basement to serving the varied needs of clients operating in countries across the globe through the efforts of over 1,000 technicians, calibrators, Professional Engineers, chemists, inspectors, trainers, forensic investigators, and scientists. We pride ourselves in providing an incomparable customer experience to give our clientele a reason to keep coming back to work with us again — we know that without them, there is no ATS. We maintain ITAR compliance to best serve our domestic defense clients.
Chemical conversion coatings see widespread use on military aircraft and other materiel. Does your company have a MIL-DTL 81706 testing provider? Would you like one that returns clear, accurate, and detailed reporting within a quick turnaround window? Contact ATS today for a free quote on our services — We take a closer look!

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