RTCA DO-160 10.0 Waterproofness Testing Lab

RTCA DO-160 10.0 Waterproofness Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services features a state-of-the-art RTCA DO-160 10.0 Waterproofness Testing Lab, capable of performing waterproofness testing, water ingress testing, humidity testing, fluids susceptibility testing, and additional types of environmental testing services in accordance with popular testing standards.
Waterproofness Testing

Waterproofness testing is an environmental test procedure that is meant to verify a product or component’s ability to withstand exposure to conditions such as submersion, rain, humidity, and condensation. ATS performs waterproofness testing in accordance with ISO 20653, IEC 60529, and RTCA DO-160 10.0 Waterproofness Testing standards in our environmental testing laboratories. Waterproofness testing is performed on a wide variety of products and is commonly required for industry compliance in industries such as aerospace, aviation, automotive, consumer electronics, building, construction, manufacturing, and textiles.

RTCA DO-160 Testing
ATS offers several different types of environmental, dynamics, temperature, and electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing performed in adherence with RTCA DO-160, a standard set by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. RTCA DO-160 applies to aircraft of all sizes. All aviation manufacturers in the United States must comply with this standard. Applied Technical Services performs testing and analysis services in accordance with the following RTCA DO-160 sections:

EMI and EMC Testing

Environmental Testing

Additional Environmental Testing Services
Applied Technical Services’ environmental testing service offerings include but are not limited to:
Testing and Analysis Standards and Specifications
In addition to RTCA DO-160 and other standards set by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, Applied Technical Services performs industrial testing, analysis, and inspection services in accordance with standards set by the following organizations:
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