RTCA DO-160 9.0 Explosive Atmosphere Testing Lab

RTCA DO-160 9.0 Explosive Atmosphere Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services performs explosive atmosphere testing in our RTCA DO-160 9.0 Explosive Atmosphere Testing Lab, conducting environmental testing in accordance with standards set by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics as well as other organizations.
Explosive Atmosphere Testing
Explosive atmosphere testing serves to verify equipment’s resistance to volatile environments. Explosive atmosphere testing is performed on several different types of equipment and components, including electronics, lighting systems, pump systems, motors, various aircraft and aerospace components, and other types of systems. Applied Technical Services conducts environmental testing for industries such as aviation, aerospace, military and defense, automotive, medical, manufacturing, and consumer product testing.
RTCA DO-160 Testing
Applied Technical Services performs environmental testing, electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing, temperature testing, vibration and dynamics testing, and waterproofness testing in compliance with the environmental conditions for airborne equipment standards set by the RTCA. This standard applies to all sizes of aircraft. ATS performs testing and analysis services in accordance with the following RTCA DO-160 sections:

Environmental Testing

EMI and EMC Testing

Additional Environmental Testing Services
Applied Technical Services offers a frequently expanding list of environmental testing services, including but not limited to:
Testing and Analysis Standards and Specifications
Applied Technical Services performs a wide variety of testing services in adherence with standards determined by organizations and authorities such as:
Applied Technical Services: We Take a Closer Look
Over the last 55 years, Applied Technical Services has built our reputation as one of the nation’s most established industrial testing providers through our commitment to exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service. We are proud of our longstanding business relationships with some of the country’s most prestigious companies and organizations and work diligently to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction on every project, from aircraft calibrations to chemical analysis services. We provide testing, analysis, and inspection services for corporations working in a wide range of industries, including building and construction, healthcare, food and beverage, communication, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, military and defense, pulp and paper, medical, lighting and electrical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, aviation, nuclear, oil and gas, and power generation. We continue to expand our service network and list of service offerings in order to provide our clients with the services they need at convenient locations. Here at Applied Technical Services, we take a closer look, going above and beyond to ensure the most accurate reporting with the best customer experience possible. ATS is ISO 9001 certified, ISO 17025 accredited, and maintains a long list of additional certifications and accreditations to ensure that our reporting is always accurate and reliable. Contact the experts at ATS today by clicking here or give us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote on RTCA DO-160 9.0 Explosive Atmosphere Testing Lab services.

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